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"The Building Memories book series explores some of the ups and downs of life experienced by children - but in a down-to-earth way, which avoids the melodramatic. The series shows children both coping with life's difficulties and enjoying the simplest but most important events and relationships - just as they do in real life."

Dr Karen Atkinson, Editor.

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Introduction -

Firstly thank-you so much for visiting my website, here you will find an introduction to Building Memories and the journey you will all go on whilst discovering these stories.

My books

I have 221  children's books and 10 novels. My books tackle issues every child/family could go through and these books will make readers laugh, cry and be "sucked" into their world.

You will fall in love with these characters and they will feel part of your family!

I love writing and mainly I love writing books children enjoy as they can relate to the characters and find comfort within their stories.

"Encyclopedia of life" 

A little about me;
My name is Laura Edmonds and I am the author of the children's series Building Memories, I started this series nearly five years ago  whilst on maternity leave with my second child, I have 221 children's books now as I'm working my way through the eleventh series. I am also writing some great books to accompany these for teen/adults, based on the lives of these families and the gritty details of why these children's lives are turning out the way they have.

From even before leaving school, I have always worked with children and had a huge passion for psychology and how their minds work and wanted to come up with some great story books to test this, My books challenge subjects such as disability, sexuality and death, so show how great children cope in these situations, and how resilient they are to these changes. Children deserve a lot more credit for what they can actually understand and deal with, they are marvelous examples of  how we could actually cope!

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