About me!

My name is Laura Edmonds and I am the author of the children's series Building Memories, I started this series Six years ago now whilst on maternity leave with my second child. I have three fabulous children with whom all of the comical bits wouldn't have been created.

We live in West Yorkshire and enjoy everything Yorkshire has to offer with three cats, some snails (thanks Dexter) and two jumpy rabbits !
From even before leaving school, I have always worked with children, from working in nurseries, babysitting to spending 14years with the NHS working for the Children's Palliative Care Team, I've always wanted to have the chance to explain life events to the children, without it being a taboo subject.

I have a huge passion for psychology and how children’s minds work and wanted to come up with some great story books to test this.
I have 123 children's books so far and I'm currently working my way through the Eleventh series. I am also writing some great books to accompany these for teens/adults, based on the lives of these families and the gritty details of why these children's lives are turning out the way they have, I wanted my books to be books the whole family can enjoy. As well as to have an underlying message, they also had to tell a fun story, a story that children would want to read and anyone who has picked one up, soon picks them all up!
My books challenge subjects such as disability, sexuality and death, to show how great children cope in these situations, and how resilient they are to these changes. Children deserve a lot more credit for what they can actually understand and deal with; they are marvellous examples of how we could actually cope ourselves!


Who's who in the world of Building memories!

Alfie- Alfie is a little boy, who is loved by his parents and given exactly what he wants, He has an obesity problem, but luckily in the fourth series he gets the opportunity of a lifetime. He signs him up to football classes, which Alfie flourishes at, after Dad realizes the bad choices they had made for him and he starts at his "Exercise" class, Alfie soon loves it and gets talent spotted by a local football club who will change his outlook on fitness and his future looks bright, this takes a toll on his parents and they separate which causes a few issues as they move house and he finds out they are moving to a new house with George and his Dad!


Charlie- Charlie has Cerebral Palsy and enjoys everything any able bodied child couls, he will face challenges every day but will never let it faze him, this doesn't define him! throughout the years his condition will unfortunately have repercussions but typical Charlie takes it in his stride and it speaks volumes in the process. Charlie is an amazing boy and warms my heart.


Emma- Emma is a beautiful girl who has a fun cheeky side, she has two Dad's from a planned birth. She spends half the time with Mum and half with her Dad's, Emma is extremely happy and hopefully Emma's story can help to makes gay relationships accepted. She has fun throughout her series and I really enjoy writing her books. She has a "meany" hamster named Hammy who makes everyone laugh at the fun they both get up to!


Douggie- Douggie is one my characters I added in last minute, after talking to a young girl whose father was in prison and her story around this, I tried to make this book as "normal" as possible under the circumstances, and this book will follow Douggie and his sisters journey through life without Dad. His sister struggles with hair loss and eventually anorexia due to worrying but Douggie is always there to cheer Tina up. Douggie is a character who constantly makes me laugh as he always finds a way to "help" which inevitably ends up with more work than ever for Mum.


Gabrielle- Gabrielle is a character who lives with Mum whilst Dad is in the army, she only see's him every few months if lucky so faces the unfortunate strains this brings, Gabrielle's Grandad lives next door, thankfully for Mum and the relationship Gabrielle has with him is heart-warming. Gabrielle has a new younger sister who proves to be a bit of a handful.


George- George is a heart breaker, his Mum is in a hospice and George idolizes her. She unfortunately passes away and we join him at every step, your heart will warm for this little boy who is now living with Dad who is trying his best. George will hopefully help so many children to feel at ease with death and maybe find some ways to manage this.


Isabella- Isabella's parents are both from Spain, and settled in the UK just before Isabella was born, they have a great family unit and love being together, Isabella will speak/learn Spanish throughout her years and hopefully, children reading these books can learn too. Isabella is going through the process of being diagnosed with Autism and although at three years the signs are appearing and throughout the series you will join her in the long journey ahead; a great story with warmth to her life.

Millie- Millie from the outside looks like she has everything she would ever dream of, a huge house, more money than words and anything she can dream of, however all she needs is a Mum and Dad who don't work all the time and all she wants is to be loved, but luckily she has a super nanny who will make her childhood great and ease her demanding parents by letting Millie be who she wants to be.


Toby- Toby has alcoholic parents, so lives with his Grandma and Grandpa in a beautiful cottage with a huge garden that Toby and his Grandad spend most of their time in. Toby has a rough ride and through a hospital admission for his Grandma, Grandad can't cope and Toby has to be placed into the foster care system. Toby will eventually find his Grandad's war time story book and make his fortune, then go on to volunteer with the children who have followed a similar life path, Toby will turn out very inspirational, a must read until the end.


Zara- Zara has been adopted from India, she has Down's syndrome and joins the first series of books literally as she lands. Her brother is also adopted but from Columbia and has Down's syndrome too, Mum and Dad have a full time job taking care of these two rascals but they love every second. They both have the chance to return to their town's and we will join Zara on this very special visit. Zara has some great, caring friends as she grows up and these bonds will shine as the years fly by.


We finish every series with final book which interlinks each child, through nursery, school, parties and college, their lives will take great twists and turns but they will always support each other and have a reason to stay together. Every child who has read these books are hooked and prove to me they can never end.


The Journey- This book has been written for Hospices, CDC's and alike explaining to children about a child dying, it covers the character Annabelle talking about some equipment she has, her thinking about things she would like to do and thoughts on her funeral it also includes her friend Thomas who has already gone to live in heaven and how he planned his funeral, this book was a much needed addition to the shelves of all services with children facing this and I never found one that was not just an information leaflet it was actually a "normal" story book that the child can really relate to.

Book reviews for Building Memories

by Laura Edmonds

“Wow, what a prolific writer, I love YOUR story of why you wrote the books … Our children so inspire us, don’t they? What delightful children’s stories they are! Love the backgrounds of all the characters - no wonder you have written so many! I am drawn into their lives - like a voyeur. I am sure they will come alive even more with the illustrations in place! I think it’s great that you venture into the many experiences of our children in contemporary  times - the issues and challenges they face in these vignettes. Love your work! Keep it up!


Dr Yvonne Sum, CSP, Author: Intentional parenting - leadership insights from your tribe (Random House) 2012.

Vice President, National Speakers Association of Australia, NSW.


"The Building Memories book series explores some of the ups and downs of life experienced by children - but in a down-to-earth way, which avoids the melodramatic. The series shows children both coping with life's difficulties and enjoying the simplest but most important events and relationships - just as they do in real life."


Dr Karen Atkinson, Editor.


“They’re delightful! I’ve started the Building Memories series, by Laura Edmonds. The characters are interesting and genuine and the stories are honest, sensitive, relevant and believable. Each story explores a real-life experience from the perspective of one of the children featured in the series. Having only read a few of the books in the series so far, I look forward to reading more, discovering what new experiences each character encounters and where and how the characters will connect throughout the series. Kudos to Edmonds for a wonderful series. Best of luck, love your stories.”


Juli Shively, Co-owner/Writer at Anytime Drama (Drama designed with preschoolers in mind). Columbus, Ohio.



“I think the whole concept of Building Memories is such a great idea. Through the lives of a very diverse group of children, it has been possible to tackle a wide range of topics and situations that children find themselves in every day.”


Lorraine Kotlawreski, Nursery Nurse.


“I really enjoyed getting to know each character and their stories - they left me wanting more! What a good idea! Children will be able to grow up with these friends and follow them into adulthood. I look forward to seeing them in print.”


Jackie Farrell, Foster Carer.


"They're like the Encyclopedia of life" you can enjoy as a whole for the great stories, or pick and choose what you need, when you need it!

Catherine Edmonds.

“I feel these books would be great as a PSHE tool. I was co-ordinator for PSHE at school and had to put together a resource bank including books for all age ranges. I really struggled to find appropriate books for the younger children and I think your books would have been just perfect. Your ideas are really good and I thought you dealt with some very difficult concepts really well.”


Tracey Dixon, Early Years Teacher/Owner Private Day Nursery.


“The content is contemporary and reflects the modern day-to-day life of youngsters. The characters come alive in the nice little storylines. These could be used to generate discussions with young children, who will be able to identify with the characters and their various activities. The words conjure up a visual image which could be stimulating and enjoyable when read to a small group of children, or to individual children.”


Wendy Paley, Head Teacher.


“I think they are a wonderful idea. The lead-ins to each child’s background are so gentle, and each one leaves you wanting to know how that child gets on. The way you describe the ‘silly Mummy’ who bangs into walls etc - it is so moving because it must be so realistic to some children. Then the one who gets all the material things in life, but is so distanced from her Mummy and Daddy is quite sad. This idea must surely be a winner Laura – I think they are wonderful.”

Heather Carslake, Foster Mum.

“Excellent, like nothing I’ve read before! This is something that will definitely be a big hit, I’m really excited about the journey you’re about to take, Enjoy every minute and build some fabulous memories!”


Julie Brooke, Nurse/Grandmother of two.



“They’re great! My mummy is very clever!”


Madison Kendall,

Age 4 and a bit.


“I’ve just finished reading your books and cannot wait for the next series. These stories bring back memories from when I was a child. I’m sure children of all ages (and adults) are going to enjoy growing up alongside them.”


Jill Lawler, Staff nurse & mother of Jodie who has Cerebral Palsy.


“Groundbreaking, innovative; it’s like a soap in a book, always left wanting more - and it can go on forever! These books will never get old, there’s always a subject to write about. Absolutely love them!”


Catherine Swift, Clinical lead, Childcare Co-ordinator & parenting expert.


“I think they are really good, because they are like bits of what’s happened in my life in a child’s book! They all have their own stories but everyone can relate to them at some point!”


Annabelle Parish,

Aged 13.


“Love them, I need more!”


Lynda Stoneman, Nursery Nurse/ Health Care Support Worker.

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